Exclusively While-You-Wait Repair at MyTubeAudio, LLC

吉林吉祥棋牌官方下载welcome to mytubeaudio. a truly different kind of repair shop. transparent! mytubeaudio, llc., is a west michigan-based company that offers “while you wait” service for tube amplifiers of most any make and most any vintage.  i’m licensed, insured, legal and experienced – i have been involved with tube amplifiers for over 25 years. i work by […]

The TET isn’t offensive, but your tube might be.. a new Small Signal Triode Evaluation Tool with real-time RTA

i’ve been buying tubes for a long time, and arguably i buy more tubes than most folks. in the last 10 years alone, i’ve documented several hundred tube amp repairs, many of them requiring tubes.  over time, i’ve read a lot of opinions and evaluations on tube brands and sound.  in particular, the mysterious conversation […]

Dan Brasier, owner, MyTubeAudio, LLC

吉林吉祥棋牌官方下载hi, i’m dan, and this is a bit about me, circa 2018, and the website in general. my interests, at least those i invest time into: tube amplifiers: repair, restoration, construction, musical instruments, music live performance, recording, production, radio frequency technology, including amateur radio and antenna work, woodworking, plastics, metalworking, the challenge of repairing things […]

Reconing an 18″ JBL pro driver – a bird’s eye view…

吉林吉祥棋牌官方下载sometimes you get a surprise, and sometimes, even when it’s bad, it works out.  a couple of years ago i bought some used jbl subs. we had been renting them for rocket 8 gigs, once a month for several months, so at some point i decided it would make more sense to just buy them […]